The First Film

‘The First Film’ is all about Louis Le Prince and the role Leeds had to play in the early days of cinema and has been lauded across the world.  We were thrilled and excited to play a small supporting role as just one of the stunning locations in the film and from the 12 of September anyone who missed it on the big screen will be able to watch it on their own smaller screen here.

The detective work in David Nicholas Wilkinson’s The First Film
is amateur in the best, most shining sense. He loves his
obsession; he can’t afford to hire a Sherlock Holmes; but by the
end of this hunt for the man alleged to have made literally “the
first film” — Leeds-dwelling expatriate Frenchman Louis Le
Prince — we are gripping the seat arms, saying “Oh let it be
so!”……………Le Prince himself disappeared without trace after
boarding a train in 1890. Dropped dead? Murdered by Edison’s
thugs? It’s a Holmes case better than many of Holmes’s. And I
wouldn’t swap Wilkinson’s dapper monomania for even
Sherlock’s sure-footed expertise.
Financial Times ****

“Wilkinson attempts to prove once and for all that his home city
is the genuine birthplace of film and has until now, been
criminally overlooked…..The First Film  brings out a real love of
storytelling and cinematic art. Highly recommended for film
buffs, students and fans alike.
Flickering Myth ****

“ Wilkinson makes a clear case that Le Prince was a prototypical
film artist, and a genuine pioneer “
The Guardian ***

“The First Film works both as a detective story and as an
account of a brilliant inventor who had an aesthetic side that
many of his rivals lacked”
The Independent ***

Were the first ever moving pictures made in Leeds by Louis Le
Prince? Wilkinson intriguing documentary makes a convincing
case….. while others will be captivated by a flickering story that
blends intrigue, industrial espionage, and possibly even murder
Mark Kermode ***